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Men of Mystical Musical Ability

MOMMA is the brother to Chicks with Picks Melbourne. It is a collection of men who love to play ukulele.

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MOMMA's Story

MOMMA was named by the men of MOMMA. They were inspired to take up ukulele after seeing the women from Chicks with Picks Melbourne play their ukuleles and guitars. The MOMMA men attend a Monday evening ukulele group in Surrey Hills, Melbourne. They play a diverse range of music, from old blues songs to punk standards, 60's and 70's rock songs to 90's pop.


Some MOMMA men choose to have private lessons, either in person or online.

In 2022, the MOMMA men designed and printed their own t-shirt. They wore it at their first appearance at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival.

They have their own facebook page where you can read and see more about them.


Classes are held in Surrey Hills, Melbourne every Monday night at 8pm.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can try out a MOMMA group class for FREE! Let Helen know which Monday you'd like to attend at

10 Week term $330.00 per student. Casual classes $35 per class per person.

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Geoff and Rob

These brothers tell us why they keep coming back to class
ROB: Ukulele is a good simple instrument, you can make it as hard or as simple as you like
GEOFF: It's good for the soul.


"I continue to go to ukulele classes as I enjoy playing with the group & I believe that one day I'll be a competent ukulele player."


Chris' reply to Michael

"Michael - one day you'll be a great player!"


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