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Helen Begley


I'm Helen, musician, songwriter, teacher and founder of Chicks with Picks Melbourne. I love teaching guitar and ukulele classes. Click on the video to hear more about what brings me back to class each week.

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A little more information about me........

I believe making music makes our lives better. Playing and teaching music has definitely made my life better. Its many benefits enriches lives and the communities in which we live.

I love teaching guitar and ukulele, and facilitating musical experiences for my students. I love being part of students progression from absolute beginners to confident players. To celebrate and share their achievements, I organise lots of opportunities for students to play music together. This includes hosting student jam sessions, offering group classes, facilitating our Summer and Winter Schools with other teachers, and offering a student performance group to community musicial festivals.

Students have described me as a "quietly determined" teacher. I have an unshakeable belief in everyone's ability to play music. In class, I use encouragement, patience and gentle humour to create a safe and relaxed learning space.

I have helped 100's of students to start playing and keep playing. Many women (and men) have told me that playing guitar or ukulele has enriched their lives in profound ways. By enrolling in a guitar or ukulele class at Chicks with Picks, like them, you will:


1. Gain new musical skills.

2.Finally do something you've always wanted to do.

3. Become part of a musical community and forge new musical friendships.

4. Share your music with family, friends and the wider community.

5.Perform at local venues and festivals.

I invite you to come and learn with us and become part of our lovely musical community.

Other musical pursuits........

I am also a Melbourne Singer/Musician/ Songwriter with a prevailing interest in writing about Australian women. I attended the specialist music program at Blackburn High School and went on to study a double major in Music and English at LaTrobe University as a mature aged student and single parent.

My latest songwriting project is a new folk song cycle called “Wild” which I drafted on a month long residency in Mt Wilson, NSW in January 2023. It is a follow up project to my theatrical song cycle, "Voyage" which is presented by theatre collective, "The Good Girl Song Project", of which I am a founder. Voyage appeared on the 2021 VCE Drama Playlist and was nominated for 3 Victorian Green Room Awards in 2022.


I have appeared at many festivals; as a solo artist, with "The Good Girl Song Project", and with Melbourne Folk band, "Milk". I've toured both locally, nationally and internationally. The songs I write range in theme from suburban ballads to narrative commentary on Australian Women's history.

I have written and recorded several albums including "Voyage" with The Good Girl Song Project, two solo albums including West Brunswick and written and appeared on three Milk albums. I have won several awards for song-writing.

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